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TeleAnimation FitViewer DVD - 17 Mile DriveFor Windows-PC use, in combination with our FitViewer softwareFor use in Windows Media Player or Standalone DVD-Player

is a Golf-National Park, because within the park the most famous golf courses in the USA, or probably in the world, are situated.

Take a relaxed ride through the southern suburbs of the city of Monterey to the entrance of the National Park. A small curve brings you closer to the fainted coast of the Pacific which sends its wafts of mist out to drop the temperature in the beach area by 15°C. Sea lions populate the rocks alongside the coast, which you will leave in order to climb a slope into the coast forest. Here you will cross the Pebble Beach Golfcourse (US Open 2000), where you can admire the adjoining villas of the millionaires. When the coast forests become thinner and the fog makes way for the sun you will pass, among other things, a landmark of this park, which is probably the most photographed tree of the USA, Lonely Cypress.

Enjoy this varied route with aspiring climbs and nice steep descents through a landscape which is on the one hand perfectly styled, passing Sypglass and Poppy Hill Golfcourse, and on the other hand rough and unspoiled. As a closed loop you can do as many circuits as you want.

Length: ca. 41 km

Playtime: 81 Minutes

17 Mile Drive FitViewer Indoor Video Cycling USA KEMYPCHLL

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